Phone Calls to Friends

The other day Connor asked to call his friend because she left her lego girl at our house. Then he said, "I want to call her where I can see her." So Connor and his friend facetimed. It was actually pretty cute and also completely funny. Connor kept holding the lego girl right at the phone, so I would have to help him put it in front of the camera. Then, he would show her around the room and get really excited and start jumping. But he was better with the camera than Isla was. With her, you really only see her forehead in the camera. It's actually pretty cute. My favorite part of all though was when Connor asked his friend's mom "So how are you? How has your day been?" He can say the most grown up and funny things sometimes. And I totally eat it up. 

It's ironic that I find it so cute that Connor talk on the phone with a girl now whereas in the not so distant future I will most likely be annoyed at the time he spends on the phone with girls :) Oh the cycle of life! 

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  1. Awww - I love the grown up conversation he had.

    My kids video chat with my mom on the phone several times a week (even though she lives only 20 mins away), and like Isla, Taylor mostly shows my mom her forehead...or the ceiling fan. :)


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