Isla Said What {two}

I smell like a pirate princess. 

I being carefully. 

I don't like the really hot. 

Somebody ate God. God is in a whale in the ocean.   {I'm glad to see she gets the whole Jonah in a whale story!}

I want to be in your tummy. 

Going along with the last one, she has said a few times recently, "I want to be a baby!"

It ok mom, I hitting nice. 

Me: Grammy is daddy's mama. 
I: No, she's the babysitter. 
Me: laughing, She does watch you sometimes, but she is your Gramdma, your daddy's mama. 
I: Oh. 

I want that pesky sun to move a little bit. 

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1 comment:

  1. The babysitter one made me LOL. She DOES have a point!

    I love trying to teach Taylor how families work (grandma's are our moms....)


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