From the Mouth of Connor {ten}

So many of my good conversations with Connor happen in the car. It's as if he thinks since he's strapped down and can't do anything, he may as well talk! Sometimes I wish I had a recording device, because as much as I try to remember all the funny things Connor says, sometimes they are gone by the time we get to where we are going. He certainly keeps me entertained. That's for sure.

C: Mom, did you put me in your mouth when I was a baby?
Me: No, why?
C: Well, how did I get in your tummy then?

If I didn't bring a toy (to show and tell) I would tell them all about my shoes. And I would tell them all about when I was born in Scotland. 

Poor grumpy sissy. 

(at the dinner table) Dad, how was your day at work? Did you make any new friends?

C: What's a donkey?
Me: A type of animal. What's a Connor?
C: A little boy who hurts his sissy if she comes in his room.

Why would Jesus make it rain on a school day?

Close the door, I want to be private. 

C: I saw a statue!
Me: Really bud? That's cool.
C: Actually it was a man standing really still. I just kidding. That's funny. 

C: Isla, if you want me to get off of you (he is sitting on her), you have to sing a song that you love me.
I: (singing) I love you, I love you, I love you...

Is spring when it's so nice? It's like the greatest day of everyone's life. 

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  1. He's like the perfect mix of brilliant and sarcastic.


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