Perfecting the Selfie

I can't believe how there are certain things that kids just seem drawn to. For instance, Isla and her love of makeup. And also her love of selfies. Neither one of those things came from me...uh, Ian??? But it really does make me laugh how much personalities play into things. I don't find Connor wanting to take pictures of himself all day long, or really at all for that matter. But Isla, well she is a whole another story. 

The mirror just doesn't always suffice for this girl. And honestly, it's not like I hate it because I have tons of photographic evidence that captures Isla's personality perfectly, right now at six years old. 

At six years old, Isla comes home from school and puts makeup on almost every single day. She often brings her makeup bag with her when we go get Connor from school and puts more makeup on without even a mirror, but with a whole audience watching. I would say she isn't a shy one, but there are times she still becomes quite shy. She just likes things on her own terms. 

At six years old, Isla doesn't like her hair brushed, but wants to keep it long and wants to keep it down. She has started playing around with clips in her hair, but for the most part, she prefers wearing her hair down. I've asked her about cutting it several times, given how little she likes it being brushed, but she says she loves it long and wants to keep it that way. 

Also, Isla really wants to get her ears pierced. Every girl in her dance class has their ears pierced, except for her. But every time I ask her if she is interested in getting it done, she says she is afraid of it hurting. I tried showing her videos of girls getting their ears pierced off the internet, but that didn't seem to help at all, which I was surprised because the girls weren't crying, just smooshing up their faces when it happened. Even with the absence of actual holes in her ears, Isla always wants to buy earrings. She's a funny girl. 

So I started out just wanting to share these cute pictures of Isla and this morphed into a bit about Isla right now and I'm not sad about that. She is a fun one to have around. Life is never boring with Isla near.

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