There's something about warmer weather that puts a spring in my step. But not too warm, of course. Just perfect. The kind where you can leave the back door open all day. The kind where the air never turns on in the house, and neither does the heater. The kind that beckons everyone outside and seems to put everyone in better moods. 

Spring has always been my second favorite season....behind summer, of course because I just love the long, bright days of summer. It probably has something to do with winter being my least favorite. Spring offers hope. When I see new growth on plants after winter, I literally get a smile on my face. But after having children, spring has taken on a new meaning. After being cooped up in the house for the winter, spring allows all of us to get outside and get our energy out. Spring ushers in summer break (after all "summer" break technically starts during spring). And with summer break comes a welcome lax in schedules....which is ironic when just a couple short months later I welcome those schedules back with open arms. 

But those beautifully perfect weathered spring days usher in the lazy days of summer. When we don't have to set an alarm and don't have to do homework. When we get to meet friends to play and go on little excursions. 

Spring, you have my heart forever and always. 

Well, except for the mosquitos. I really don't like the mosquitos. If they didn't have to be a part of spring and summer, it would just be the icing on the cake. But one truly cannot have it all, am I right?!

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