The many faces of a boy picking out candy

"I pick" he says as he spends 20 minutes examining every piece of candy in his sister's candy bucket to find just the right piece. We have a sort of never ending candy bucket around our house, since it never seems to all get eaten from one holiday to the next. And it's fitting that Callum would spend so long picking out just the right piece. Candy was one of his first real words, after things like mama and dada. And he asks just about every person he sees for candy. He asks for it by just saying the word and putting his hands up in a shrug, allowing his body to do the talking where his words fail. When we were renovating our bathroom, he would follow the workers around saying "candy" over and over to them, even though none of them ever gave him a piece. He is persistent, what can I say. 

In case you wanted to know, he sampled the gum, before putting it back in the case. I then caught him opening a starburst and when I reminded him he could only choose one piece, he threw it across the room. He finally landed on a piece of laffy taffy. 

I seriously got a kick out of him moving into so many positions, checking out the candy. He took his choice very seriously. It's cute things like this that make me love having a toddler around...and helps me to keep loving him through the times he draws on everything with marker or screams incessantly at school pick up.

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