Railtown 1897 on Mother's Day

We went up to Railtown 1897 for a little mother's day outing. We used to come up here and ride the train all the time when Connor was younger and super into trains. Callum has gotten into trains lately, though I would say not to the degree that Connor did. But I still thought he would find it fun to ride the train. And he totally did. It was cute watching him say "train" to every person that walked past him on the train. 

Callum got to go to the front and watch the locomotive for a bit. We didn't stay up there for too long, as I didn't want to be up there when the train blew its whistle, as my kids have a history of freaking out from loud noises and I didn't want to wait and see if Callum was the same as the other two. Callum enjoyed sticking his head out the window a couple times. But he mostly just enjoyed watching out the window. 

It's fun going to places like this as the kids get older because even though they may not be as excited about riding the train, they appreciate looking at the other trains and stuff more. They notice different looking trains and were interested in seeing the stuff that had been in movies before...and I got a kick out of seeing a painted backdrop used with a train scene the '90's. It's amazing how quickly technology changes things. I don't imagine them using painted backdrops in movies anymore. 

^^ Callum was very excited about his own ticket 

Also, apparently this wasn't the first time we came up to Railtown for mother's day. I guess it had been so long since we did it that I didn't remember. But Connor would have been the same age as Callum when we came up here for mother's day, so that's kind of fun. 

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