School Open House

Open house...the time of the year where we get to go in our children's overdecorated classrooms, crammed with too many parents, and see all the projects they did over the past month ;) It's true though right? But it doesn't stop me from loving it...probably too much. 

Isla was so hyped up in her class, she was just running around and playing with her friends. She really didn't want to slow down enough to show us any of the stuff she made. Many of the things were very similar to when Connor was in kindergarten, which I love, as I love me a good comparison. 

^^ Just for the record, Isla's nickname is NOT "honey bunch", but she said she didn't know what her nickname was, so she just made one up. Of course, I then called her honey bunch to be funny and she said, "Moooooommmm! Stop it!"

^^ On one thing she said she wants to be a secret agent and on this one an artist. She actually says she wants to be both. She definitely beats to her own drum...which I really noticed after seeing how many girls in her class want to be teachers. 

The fun thing about Connor's class is that I actually got to help with a few of the projects when I worked in his class, so it was fun to see them all done and on display. After all, doing paper mache with an entire class and two adults isn't exactly what I would call easy or clean. 

Connor's class did individual videos for each kid that interacted with an app on your phone. So that was fun. It also made me think how much time the teachers spend on open house! After watching his video, Connor quickly ran around and looked at his stuff on display, then pulled out his teachers collection on beyblades and began playing. Not so shockingly, other kids joined him. 

I figured we may as well end with a funny photo. After all, this stage of life often feels like I am living in a zoo...well, not as organized as a zoo. More like living with a bunch of uncaged, untrained animals. That's real life right there for you folks!

Now don't mind me as I go cry into my coffee and think about how kindergarten is almost over for Isla. It's just a sweet, sweet time and I am mourning it's passing.

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