35 Weeks

Well, it is starting to get exciting! The baby will be here in a month...so crazy! Yesterday at my "booking" appointment at my new medical practice in Aberdeen (the booking appointment is your first appointment when you are pregnant) it was discovered that the baby is breech. So, they sent me over today for a scan to confirm this. As soon as the lady put the probe to my belly, it was obvious the baby is breech. The head is right up there on top with the feet at the top of the head, and the butt is nicely nestled in my pelvis bone. The problem is, this is the worst breech position for a baby to turn from. But still, an ECV (external cephalic version) has been scheduled for in a week and a half. Over here, they do this procedure non-medicated. If it becomes too painful for me, or the baby (which will be monitored the whole time) gets stressed out, they will stop. Their biggest challenge will be to push that little butt out of my pelvis! Anyway, if the ECV doesn't work, a c-section will be scheduled for a week before my due date...which would be the last week of October. OCTOBER?!? That is the month we are currently in! Kind of freaks me out! The ironic thing is, after wanting a c-section for like forever, I will kind of be sad if that is the route we will take. It isn't the end of the world, but I have been doing my exercises and getting all prepared for a (hopefully) medication free birth. Oh well.

I have been trying to prepare for baby's arrival...started packing for the hospital and made a list of all the essential stuff left to get before baby arrives. So, hopefully I will actually get my butt into gear and have everything done (and a name picked out) before baby arrives! Speaking of names, Ian and I are still struggling along on the name front. It is probably because neither one of us talks about it constantly or wants to pick a name from a baby book...so somehow we are supposed to just come up with the perfect name for our child in the next couple weeks. No pressure or anything!


  1. Baby G looks super cute! :-)

    On the other hand...ouch! I pray he turns around and all works out perfectly!!

    I'm sooo excited for you...

  2. Fantastic ultrasound pic. I can tell that baby G is a real looker! :)

    Seriously, try the inverted slant board. I swear it is the reason Landon turned around. I did it at 36.5 weeks and he did the flip by our 38 week appt.

    The baby's nursery looks adorable! I love that shade of yellow.

  3. Great to see the baby's picture! The baby looks like it's momma! A name...how about Robert or Mark!!!? Love you girl!

  4. Contrary to your fathers ideas . . . have you considered "Miss Gayle" it has a nice ring doncha think? (grin)

  5. turn Baby G turn!
    Love you Jess praying that little baby turns!

  6. Look at those puckering lips! Baby G is a beauty! She'll turn...she's got to! God knows! I'm praying!!


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