Online Grocery Shopping

I never thought I would be a person to do my grocery shopping online. I tried it once like two years ago and it just frustrated me. Every time you looked for one item, you were given about a zillion choices and it was just so hard compared to going in the store. Well, then I moved to Aberdeen. The bus service isn't the best and we don't have a car. And, being 9 months pregnant, I don't get my jollies out of dragging groceries a mile home!

Enter a commercial that changed my outlook on online grocery shopping (and my life!). It said that it saved your "favorites" from the store, online for ease of shopping. This favorites list has seriously changed my life. Once a week, I sit down and make a list of the dinners we will be eating for the week (oh, this only started after I went on maternity leave**) log on and throw all the ingredients into my basket, pick a delivery time and viola, my groceries arrive. Its ingenious and has changed my life! It may not be the cheapest way to shop (unless you account for the fact that I am never enticed by impulse items or sweets) but given my current situation, it certainly is the easiest. And lets face it, I NEVER have to think about unloading the car in the rain!

**No joke people, given that I am at home all day, I have decided to be a "good house wife" and make dinner every night! This includes planning out the meals each week. I am such a changed person, many of you wouldn't even recognize me!


  1. haha! I know you are still Jessica just with a baby bump! Grocery shopping online sounds great! :) Enjoy it for now b/c once you get a car its all over. :)

  2. So that's what I need. . .on line grocery shopping. . . then I can be "the good housewife" and fix dinner every night! Well, not sure that I'm ready to be a changed person!!!!


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