A Nice Pick-Me-Up

Me and baby have a cold. Since we are living "medicine free", we had a not-so-good night last night. I used practically all the kleenex in the house and spent an hour and a half up in the middle of the night drinking orange juice and blowing my nose. Because of this, the "two" of us were sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves this morning when the doorbell rang. I didn't even know we had a doorbell?!? I went to the door, only to discover that me and baby had a nice big, and heavy, box of presents from my family. It really helped jump start our day...got us all excited and we spent some time setting up baby's room some more.

Here's a picture of all the loot:

Uncle Jeremy included a special something for the baby...which he swears is NOT a halloween costume! Either way, I can't resist the heart behind the skeleton.


  1. Love you sister! And, I would totally wear that year round if it came in my size!

  2. Looks like fun! I'm sorry you and baby are sick. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Oh Sock Monkey! Every baby NEEDS a sock monkey! Good job Jer, Robby and Bonita! Reghan has loved sock monkey since day 1. Enjoy Jess! You and Reghan are in medication free cold missery. Get better soon.

  4. Good job uncle Jeremy, I'm glad you're getting the baby into Anatomy! :) He or she will be super smart!

    Love you Jessica, I hope you feel better! :)


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