Baby Classes

Baby classes are an interesting thing. Obviously I never took them in the states, so I am not sure how they are there. But, I did expect something along the lines of what I see on the tv and in movies...sitting down on the floor, in between your husband's legs, panting away. So far, these classes have been nothing close to this.

First, I must admit, these classes really give me time to judge my bump size to others. Given that I am the farthest along (hey, I moved and had to start the classes late!) I should be the biggest, right? Well, that doesn't seem to be the truth. Ian is starting to say that I need to eat some more tea and biscuits (yeah, I guess we have adapted to the culture a little!) but I think he is really saying that just because the midwife said the baby is on the small side...not an unhealthy size, just small. I am not going to lie, I have been praying for the baby to be on the smaller size the whole time. Do you really think I want to push out a record size baby?!? NO! But, back to bumps. I have also discovered that bumps come in all shapes and sizes. Some women just look fat (so glad that isn't me) and some women look like they are about to pop when they are like 5 months along. I, on the other hand, keep being told that I don't look 9 months pregnant. But, I am not too worried, given that I am measuring just right. Me and babes just eat less than others!

Back to baby class. It has also made me realize how uneducated people are. Honestly, I haven't scowered over a million books. I have flipped thru one, read one about labor and delivery and read one about the baby's first year. By no means would I consider myself an expert. But, when I am sitting in the class and people don't seem to know rather simple questions, I realize that maybe I do know more than I think. Go me!

Last night we learned all about coping with labor at home. Over here, you don't go into the hospital until you are at least 6 centimeters dilated. Really, they don't even want you there until it is time to push! No kidding! They told us when we are in the early stages of labor, we should clean and organize our house so everything is ready when we get home. Nice! Cleaning is just what I want to be doing when I am leaking amniotic fluid all over the floor and crying out in pain every 10 minutes...yeah, they said they don't count contractions more than 10 minutes apart as "labor".

We did get to see a tens machine in action last night...I don't think you have those over in the states. Basically, it is pads you hook up to your back that send electrical pulses to your brain to help release the endorphins and make you not think about the pain. You just rent them from a local pharmacy. Haven't decided yet if I will get one or probably depends on if baby is going to turn around on Monday or not (on a side note, I went to the dr. on Wednesday and baby is still breech, though they did say the baby is "happy and healthy" in that position). They hooked the machine up to one of the guys and it was seriously funny to see him squirm from the pulses. But, then he kept saying that it didn't hurt, so who knows what it really feels like.

Up next week...a tour of the labor and delivery ward and learning all about how to push that baby out! I can't wait!


  1. Hi Jess. I enjoyed reading your labor training experience! That baby is just the right size, though the tea and biscuits sound yummy! You only weighed 7 lbs even so a nice petite little baby, just like little Baby G! I think we should just name her Baby G! Hey, I love you! Dad

  2. since you have labored in the aren't in 'labor' until your water breaks or your contractions are 5 minutes apart. I went to the hospital at 4 minutes apart and still waited 15 hours because they were not strong all.

    as for the tens machine - my chiropractor uses it on me and we own one. they are great, but she didn't use it on my when I was pregnant...hmmm what's that about?

    and I totally agree some people just don't even have the basic common sense on the whole baby thing.

    turn Baby G turn (still praying) :)

  3. that should be since you haven't labored in the US :)

  4. don't worry about the size. i was measuring so small they did a last minute ultrasound to make sure landon wasn't too small for delivery. he was nearly 8 pounds! but eat the tea and biscuits anyway.

    birthing classes really are so entertaining. rj and i would drive home laughing about all the people in our class; and forgetting most of what we learned.

    praying that baby g will flip.

  5. This is great! I'm proud of you for keeping daily disciplines, even though you have the excuse to go overboard! ;0)

    I would pray for a small baby too- for sanity sake! I've seen some bloody messes as my mom was a labor and delivery nurse. That makes for some interesting times on "bring your daughter to work day!" The goodnews is that God intends for it and provides for you all the way!!!

    Praying for you and baby!!!


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