38 Weeks

I got a visit from the health visitor today...basically this is a person that checks up on you and the baby, makes sure you aren't psycho, are a good enough parent, things like that. I was freaking out last night about the visit. Ian thought the whole thing was funny...of course he would. He got to escape off to work. Well, the lady was nice and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Just a bunch of questions, wanting to know my plans for after the baby is born, support systems, things like that. The funny thing was the lady was glad to hear my mom was coming after the baby was born, but was concerned about Ian's whole family coming for Christmas. She stressed that I need to be focused on the baby and not on playing hostess. So there you have it Grimbleby's...no hostess playing from Jessica!

This afternoon I had a midwife appointment. Except for the fact that it is horrible weather and I was completely drenched by the time I got to the doctor's office, the appointment went well. Baby's head is still down, though not engaged...I was disappointed about this one, given that I do want this little thing to come early! (Yeah, I did just call my baby a "thing".) Also, once again I have blood in my urine (can anyone say another UTI is coming my way?), so my urine has once again been sent off to a lab. Not too concerned given that this has now happened about a million times while I have been pregnant and given that the worst that can happen is it make you go into labor, which I would be happy about.

Today the post man showed up at my door with yet another present. And it came just in time, given that the Royal Mail is going on strike beginning tomorrow. It was from my wonderful Aunt Willa & Uncle TT. The best present in the package was a little onesie that said, "All I want for Christmas is my Auntie". It made my heart melt. That is SO TRUE. Once this little person meets its Aunt Willa, it won't want anyone else...and I know the feeling!

Two days ago, baby got a present in the mail from my friend Danielle. It got a bottle drying rack, some bottles and its first real toy...it makes noises and everything!

Baby is surely feeling the love...now if only baby will decide to come out and feel the love from the real world and not just inside my belly!

Oh, and about the picture...I realize my legs are starting to look extremely minute in comparison to my ever growing belly. This actually makes me feel good given that I normally feel like I have ginormous legs. I also realize that wearing khakis makes me look like a Target worker. I don't know how to keep this from happening. And given that I have like three pairs of maternity pants, I have to rock the "Target look" every once in a while!


Now for some "fun". I made a little survey about the baby. Don't worry, the survey is only six questions long. You KNOW you want to take it! Come on, just be a pal and take it!


  1. Hi Jessica. I sure enjoyed your blog. I tried to write last night but it would not accept the submittal from my blackberry. Jessica, God has already been there on the baby's delivery date. He loves that baby and He loves you! It will go well. God will rule over the personnel, the timing, the very air in the room and your every muscle and every part of the baby! Lana and Wendy have been praying for you, as well as Robert, and many many others. 1 Timothy 2:15 infers that you are covered over in childbirth as you walked in faith and love and holiness and self control. Fear must go now... let faith rise in your soul. Here God's good Word, and silence the voices, even your own, when they are opposed to the good plan of the Lord! Jeremiah says "For I know the plans that I have for you, says the Lord, ... to give you and future and a hope... not for clamity!" Honey, it is God's Word, and He has the final Word and the ruling Word! He is there and it will go well!

  2. I loved the survey thing! :) So glad you are getting fun stuff in the mail! I like getting things in the mail . . . well not bills!

    Robby, I enjoyed your comment! I think it applies to everyone, not just cute preggy Jessica!

  3. Jessica, wow what a great blog, we are expecting to take care of you guys, no hostess duties for you. Keep looking in the mail.....Great comments Robby....love to you all

  4. Jessica! You look GREAT!!!! So happy for you.

  5. The survey was funny! Thanks sis, love you


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