What's a Girl to Do?

I know I just posed about weather, and I promise to try to not make it a theme, but I just have to get this out...

With the days getting shorter (not literally, just less sun) and the thought of four hours of daylight being just around the corner, I begin to think about hibernation. The whole time I have lived here, I haven't quite understood the misery of winter. I am not the type of person that is content being cooped up in a house all winter.

Enter a local magazine I am flipping through this weekend...it did a poll on what people do to pass the "long nights" of winter. Every single stinking response had the following words in it:

cozy up
DVD (be it movie or TV series)

I was officially depressed (not really)! If the great people of Scotland literally just sit in their homes all winter, what hope does that give me for doing absolutely anything?!? I wasn't raised to hibernate. I was raised in a place (Arizona) where the "winter" was blink and you missed it. I remember going off to school in the winter in a long sleeved shirt and shorts. Then, the last place I lived (Southern California), wasn't much different. If it falls below 70, everyone starts bundling up and complaining how cold it is. I was not raised for this.

That is where YOU come in...come on people, I need your best ideas here. What's a girl to do to make it through another four months of miserable weather and four hours of daylight? And hibernation isn't an option here!


  1. brenda here. get lots of seasonal light bulbs that imitates daylight to trick your brain. pretty soon you will be so turned topsy turvy with baby that you will not know if it is night or day anyway. talk to people on phone. have people over. go out and walk durning the few hours of daylight and pray for our nation. we need it. this is all trite, but true. i bet ev and ginny have lots of ideas.

  2. Girl, soon your days and nights will be filled with a precious crying baby! You won't have time to think about the awful weather outside! The next four months of awful winter is going to fly by, I promise! As soon as that baby comes, your days will pass quickly and your mom will be there with you too! Love you bunches!

  3. Baby G will give you plenty to do, dont worry! If you get too bored call me and Ill come see you for a few days!


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