The Bathroom Situation

I hate it when I walk into a public restroom and am instantly hit with a nasty smell. Then there is the waiting game. Standing there wondering if I will be stuck with the stall that the nasty deed is currently being done in. And more often than not, I am. Thankfully today I was not. You see, I have the worst reaction to bad smells. And it is a reaction I can't seem to control. Sure I can control the gagging. But what I can't control is the crying. Yes, you read that correctly. When a smell really nasty comes along, I actually start crying. Okay, maybe not crying. But my eyes water uncontrollably. But this is embarrassing. I always think strangers around me must think I am being dramatic, but I can't control it and I personally think it is kind of rude. Oh well. At least today I wasn't stuck with the nasty stall and I was able to keep my emotions watery eyes at bay and avoid embarrassment.

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