Eating Time

I am working on teaching Connor to feed himself. This is a process that I have discovered has its ups and its downs. It also has its cleaner days and its messier days.

One day, Connor is all about wanting to use a spoon to eat. The next, it's his hands all the way.

Just like, one day he wants to eat and the next day he wants to throw food everywhere! I taught him how to sign the word "more". Last night, after throwing his food all over the floor, Connor looked at me and kept asking for more. Yeah right little buddy.

We ended up with such a mess last night that the dog had to get put in the back yard. She wasn't happy about this, but she has been getting sick from eating too much food from Connor.

And Connor, well he was having a grand ole time making a mess! And me, I am just happy Connor has tile to eat over. It makes the mess so much easier to manage.

The aftermath


  1. He sure is cute! Sometimes I want to use my hands too.... Good thing you're not letting the doggie have free reign. My dog died from too much human food (well.... it was spoiled meat our neighbor kept tossing over the fence. A bit more dramatic than baby-mess food but still).

  2. I'm sorry, WHO taught Conner how to sign "more"? Ok, I guess you TAUGHT him, but I started it!


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