Pet Peeve

I have a major pet peeve and unfortunately it is something I come across every single stinking day.

People talking on their cell phones while driving.*

It is SO NOT COOL. And there is a reason it is against the law. Usually I can spot someone on their cell phone by their driving before I notice they are on their phone. It has to do with their speed, their lack of paying attention to lights/stop signs, swerving into other lanes. You get the picture. Today I watched a woman talking on her phone blow thru a red light. She was in the lane right next to me. Thankfully there was no accident. However, I am pretty sure she didn't even realize what she did. Its just the nature of the game.

When I am in the car with an offender, I usually make a sarcastic comment about it. When I sarcastically say something, I am actually thinking in my head something like:

I'm glad you value me as a friend/family member/person enough to break the law and knowingly put me in harms way while you chat needlessly on your phone and put my life at risk. Thanks for that. Loser. 

And if you are texting while I am in the car, the thoughts are even worse!

Get with the program people. You wouldn't drive while drunk (I think). And in my book, it is just as bad to use your phone, so STOP IT before someone gets hurt. 

*I'm guessing you all get I mean people that don't use hands free and are actually holding their phones up to their ears.


  1. Ooooh, I am SOOOO with you! Though, I recently had a friend tell me about a cool work field trip she had to a brewery and she described it as awesome that she got to get drunk during work time. I asked her how she got home if she was drunk and she said, "I felt like I could probably make it home." Great. She felt like SHE could make it home. No thought whatsoever about the danger she was putting everyone else in. People are dumb.

  2. P.S. One time, my brother was driving like a granny with me and his at-the-time-girlfriend and when I made a comment about his slowness (though it wasn't so slow it was endangering others or anything), he gestured with a thumb to the backseat where the lady was sleeping and said, "I've got precious cargo." If only we all drove like that.


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