Park Time

The past week has been nothing but gray skies and rain...which I have been loving. However, randomly we had one beautiful day thrown in. I can handle one nice day. So, I loaded Connor in the car. Our first stop was to pick up a churro at Costco (they are only a dollar!). Then we headed to the park. Connor thought I was torturing him, not allowing him to touch the churro until we got to the park.

When we got to the park, we enjoyed the churro. Connor got about 2 inches of it, and I got the rest. Being the mom does have its perks! Check out that furrowed brow. Connor does not take churro eating lightly. 

After finishing our churro, it was time to play. Connor was in a weird mood though. Normally he loves climbing all over the play equipment. But this time, he was more interested in playing with another kid's car.

Thankfully said child's grandma didn't mind. When Connor wasn't riding in the car, he decided to push it all over the playground. After he got tired of that, he started randomly running in the grass. It was a very strange day at the park. I am thinking all the sugar from the churro went straight to his head and whacked him out a bit.

Oh well, at least Connor got out and was able to enjoy our one day of sunshine this week. Although the rain doesn't bother him. He is an equal opportunity outside player...rain or shine, he doesn't care!

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