Snow Day

Why hello there Wednesday, where did you come from? Last I checked, it was Sunday. Seriously, where has this week gone? The week never goes by this fast.

Today, on Sunday we went up to the snow. As you may or may not recall, Connor does not like the snow. And it appears nothing has changed. He still does not like the snow. He doesn't mind if we stand in it and hold him. In fact, he will even stand in it himself for a minute or two (as long as it isn't too deep) but to walk or play in it, no freaking way. 

We even tried sledding. Sure he cracked a smile a time or two. He may have even laughed once. But most of his energy was spent screaming.

I think Connor's favorite part of the day was when Ian let him drive the car. We could have done that in our driveway rather than driving an hour and a half away. Oh well.

It's the simple things in life, right?

1 comment:

  1. When I'm home we need to have a snow day. I really want to take Bailey to the snow. I think the snow will stay around for another 3 weeks!


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