Sunny (& Sick) Days

I was just complaining to someone the other day about how there is just too much winter sun in Modesto. Now, its not like I don't want to see the sun at all in the winter, but I would like to have to bundle up every once in a while. Seriously. I haven't had to use my winter coats once since getting here, except for our visit to the snow. The sun gets kind of old. The grass is always greener, right? I just want some more rain. And more fires in the fireplace. Then I would be happy. Of course, I am already pretty dang happy from all the serotonin I am getting.

Connor, on the other hand, is enjoying all the sun. He gets to play outside on a daily hourly basis. This is something he didn't have the pleasure of doing in Scotland. He gets to play with rocks, run around in the grass, play in the mud. It is all great fun for him.
Waving at me from the yard

Showing me a rock

And all this outdoor play is a good thing for us/Connor right now. You see, someone knowingly* infected Connor with a highly contagious virus which means he can't be around other kids for 10 days. 10 days. That is a long time to not be around other kids. I have to admit, I still take him in public, just not around other kids.

*And about this knowing infection...

Some mother brought her kid to the nursery at church with this virus and knew her kid had it. So, Connor got it. Of course, I found this out after the fact. It kind of pisses me off. Now, we are stuck at home (well, not able to socialize with others), Connor has a fever and gets really grumpy and tired. All this because some mom didn't think through what she was doing. Uh, thanks lady.


  1. Ugh! I hate that mentality... 'I'M feeling okay, thus it's okay to go out." ummm... what about OTHERS? I have friends who use this mentality to rationalize WORSE things. As in, "I don't FEEL too drunk to drive. I think I'll be fine." Again, why aren't you thinking about how 'fine' OTHER people are going to be if you drive? Sorry, that's a dark comment. I'm sorry Connor's sick but yeah, at least you get to get out of the house! Without being dumped on.

  2. Unthoughtful mother's bringing their sick kids into the nursery/preschool is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. I can't stand it, and it usually gets me really pissed off. Partly because both my husband and I work. I only get so much sick time, I usually use it all up on Ethan and have none left for me. And with Phillip starting a new job he can't lessen the blow for me.


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