A Beautiful Moment

Do you ever have something happen and it feels almost too good to be true? Like you are in a movie or it is completely fake? That's basically what happened a few days ago when Isla and I spent some time wondering around a garden. The sun was setting. She was enjoying picking flowers. I was enjoying watching her, enjoying the peaceful moment. She was being so insanely cute. It was kind of the perfect moment...that lasted half an hour!

Eventually I decided I wanted to cement the moment in forever and grabbed Isla to take a picture. What then followed was me making faces and her trying to copy them. It was really cute and super entertaining too.

I really am amazed by this life I am living. Sure we have struggles, just like everyone else. We deal with temper tantrums and toddlers that don't want to use the potty. But I choose to look at this life of mine through rose colored glasses. I choose to see the glass as half full...heck, I actually see it as overflowing. Even on the hardest days, I know my life is amazing. I also know that in the not so distant future, these kids of mine will no longer fit on my lap. They will no longer want to make silly faces with their ole mom. So, for now, I leave the house dirty and I enjoy the moments of lego building, book reading, backyard playing. Because, before I know it, it will just be a memory.

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