Crazy Isla Sleep

^^ How do you falls asleep with a mop on top of you?!?

If you follow me on instagram, you already know that Isla falls asleep in interesting positions. She falls asleep out of her bed more often than she falls asleep in her bed. And, more often than not, the positions she falls asleep in leave me laughing...or scratching my head. It's gotten so interesting, I gave her sleeping positions their own hash tag #crazywaysislasleeps. And people seem to keep questioning how this happens, so I thought I would explain.

When Isla was in a crib, I would put her in bed and let her put herself to sleep. Switching over to a toddler bed, she didn't seem to want to just go to sleep, but wanted out of her bed to play. I quickly discovered we had two options. One, I could lay with her until she was asleep. Or, two, I could let her do her thing and put herself to sleep. Enter her falling asleep in every which way unknown to man. And, it works well for us. As long as Isla ins't over tired, we put her in her room and she plays until she is ready for bed. Generally, she is asleep by 8:30pm. And, almost half the time, she actually crawls into her bed to go to sleep. But, out of bed sure makes for some good pictures!

^^ Who doesn't like falling asleep with a good book?!

As you can tell, this isn't really a traditional bedtime method. But, I am one of those parents that does not only what works for our family, but what works for each kid. And, for Isla this works. So I am down with it.

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  1. this fills me with both hearty lolz and also much envy because my kid WILL.NOT.SLEEP.EVVVVVER. (well. that's a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.) Adorable. And despite my envy, I totally love it!!!

  2. I seriously LOL'd at the mop picture. That is hilarious. What a crazy little cutie.


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