Connor: He has a new found love of showers and I think it is kind of amazing. He likes them so much, he wants one daily. He likes them practically ice cold and still isn't fond of getting water on his face. 

 Isla: The kiddie pool calls her name. She loves playing in the water and just being outside in general.  

" A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

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  1. Ice cold showers? Dang, Connor is a brave soul. I like my showers nice and warm, even in the summer! (If it's realllly hot, I'll suffice a cool shower. Never cold!)

    Isla's hair is looooong!

    1. He certainly doesn't get it from me...I like my showers hot! It is funny though, because he complains even if the water is luke warm.

  2. What a big boy!!! However, I would have to say I prefer my showers unbearably hot, but hey - I've heard cold showers are good for you!


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