One of "Those" Days

It was just one of those days. 

The day that no matter what I did Connor and I butted heads. 
At every corner, I felt like he was pushing my buttons. 
It was hard. 
It was exhausting. 
I was trying to keep my cool. 

I even bathed him early to give both of us a break. Of course, that ended up making things even worse because he kept throwing water at his sister every time she walked in the bathroom. 

I kept it together until bedtime. Sort of. And that was even with me pushing up bedtime. Pushing it way up. 

The lights were off and I crawled in bed with my little guy to talk. I wanted to talk about the day. Talk about how both of us were acting. But all he wanted to talk about was why we couldn't build legos right then. Seriously?! All the other moms seem to have these heart to hearts with their kids after a rough day...why can't I?! Every single question I asked was followed up with, "Why can't we build legos right now?" Every single last question. I finally gave up, realizing this wasn't going to become the warm and fuzzy talk with my four and a half year old I was looking for. I prayed for him and left the room. 

Plopping on the couch, I realized I am glad that I serve a redemptive God that listens to me no matter how I have been acting. He is the king of second chances. I am so glad tomorrow is a new day. A clean slate. I want to give my kids a clean slate (and them to give me one), just as God gives me one. Here's to hoping Connor and I don't push each other's buttons all day...or, at least I get a little better at responding to those pushes. 

Need some more "mom" encouragement? You can read more stories from other "bad moms" here. Or just follow me around the store when I take my kids grocery shopping...then you will feel much better about yourself and your parenting skills! 

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  1. My son does that too! I'm trying to talk about one thing and he keeps interjecting with LEGO this or Mario that. I frequently wondering if there is ever any listening going on!

  2. Oy - we all have these kind of days. And I too, some times wonder why I don't get the heart to heart magical conversations I read about all the time.

  3. I feel like i've had quite a few months like that, none stop butting heads. but you are a GREAT mama and you will get past this.


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