11 Years

We got married when times were simpler. Back before crazy pinterest weddings. Heck, we got married before digital photography was the thing. We have the ginormous wedding album to prove it. And the totally and completely staged pictures inside the album to prove it too. I remember back when we had only been married a couple years and people would say things like "you are newlyweds still" in a tone like "you don't understand". I didn't understand what I do now, but my love for you was no less fierce. It was different. Seeing you cradle and play with our children causes my love for you to soften (not lessen, but soften in a good way). Staring at you at the dinner table while our kids cause utter and complete chaos and only being able to speak to you with my eyes has caused my love for you to grow, not lessen. You are in this crazy life right beside me. I can't imagine anyone else in the world better suited for me than you. 11 years in, I still feel this way. In fact, I feel it more so. And, I have a feeling that 60 years in, I will feel it even more so.

I hope you know and understand how much I love you Ian Grimbleby. I hope you see it in every dinner I make, in every load of laundry I do, in every roll of toilet paper I put in your bathroom. Because I see your love for me when you take the kids and let me sleep in on a Saturday, when you rub my back and when you get the oil changed on my car. All those little things we do every day are love. Selfless acts of love.

I love you Ian Grimbleby both selflessly and selfishly. You are an amazing person that I feel privileged to be living life alongside. Here's to many, many more crazy, beautiful, amazing years together!

Looking back through the years...6 years, 7 years, 8 years, 9 years and 10 years

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  1. What a sweet post about your hubby. I enjoy hearing about him as much as your darling kiddos!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary you two!!!
    Love is changing the toilet paper roll before someone's stranded in a difficult situation. :)
    Beautiful post Jess. You two have always been great together.

  3. Amen and congratulations! I love your words about "softening" your love for Ian. I think I understand it... like when Jordan and I were engaged, I thought I loved him. And I did, but not as deeply as I do now. The love we have for each other now isn't showy, and probably wouldn't seem exciting, but it's stronger, more sustaining and true. I wouldn't trade it for our early, heady days of love.


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