A Glimpse into the Life of Isla

"I see me" is what Isla says when she wants to look at herself in the mirror. It usually means she just got her hair done, is wearing a funny hat or smeared something all over her face...as in this picture. 

Notice the crayon drawing on the mirror, courtesy of Isla. 

That's chapstick all over her face. Chapstick is just about her favorite. I was just happy that she put it on her face rather than eating it, which is what she normally chooses. 

And her hands have been in her mouth all the time lately. Not sure what that is about. Maybe molars?

Her hair is all over the place, which is what it looks like from about 5 minutes after I do it until the day is over. Sometimes she rips it out, other times she whips her head back and forth, feeling her hair hit her face, messing it up in the process. Or, it just falls out from all the playing.

This little girl is growing into her own little spitfire of a personality, complete with likes and dislikes, favorites and not so favorites and it is fun to watch. 

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  1. I love watching her play and interact with you. She is a spitfire no doubt, but she adores her mama!!


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