From the Mouth of Connor {seven}

^^ It's not your imagination...Connor wears the same shirt almost every single day.

When will I be twenty ten? (also known as thirty)

To my sister in law: "How come you don't have a man? Where's your man?"

Asking for his cape to be tied in front, I said, "Like an apron?" and he responded, "Like a princess."

How come Uncle Jeremy doesn't have a girl? (notice a theme!)

I am pushing your buttons.

You have to sleep with me mama, it's really important. 

I'm like twenty one old.

If you see a cop, stop and wait for it, so he can give you a ticket. 

Talking to Ian about something, I said, "That was before we were married." and Connor chimed in, "But you've always been married."

When I was three, I did not like showers. Now that I am four, I like showers, not baths. (Of course, this whole love of showers thing is a new thing and didn't start right when he turned four, but you know.)

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