Apparently Modesto isn't a place people walk around much. I have taken Connor on many a walks around the neighborhood. I rarely ever see anyone outside their houses, let alone see anyone walking around.

Last night we went on a couple mile family walk. Ian and I were both annoyed by the sidewalk having planters and trees on opposite sides forcing you to zig zag your way along the sidewalk. Then, half the trees have caused the sidewalks to buckle. It made me feel bad (or maybe even mad) for the people in wheelchairs. How would they even get around by themselves?

Then, when we were crossing an intersection (the little "white man" told us to "walk") someone turning right stopped for us (they had a red light anyway). Someone about 3 cars back started honking incessantly as if the person was stopped for no reason...again, at a freaking red light!

I seriously think people in America, or at least suburbia, need to learn to get out of their houses and walk a little. And, they need to be a little more respectful of pedestrians when driving. I hate having to fear for my son's life every time we cross a street.

Oh, and on our 3 mile walk, we saw 1 other couple out walking. Seriously, 1 couple. And people wonder why America is having a weight issue.

** On a side note, I remember when I was one of those speeding crazies driving through the city like a maniac. It is amazing how having a child will change your perspective!

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  1. I agree, Americans are pretty ridiculous when it comes to walking (or lack thereof). And don't even get started on bike riding... most cars try to either hit a biker, or swerve waaaay out of the way. I get so nervous when my husband rides, not because he's dangerous, but because most drivers are morons.


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