Weekend Update

By Connor

On Friday, I finally mastered the straw. Mommy was really excited about this. To make it even better, I was even drinking water through a straw...which I normally refuse to drink.

On Saturday, I got to hang out with Mom and Dad. They love spending time with me because I am so dang cute.  Then Saturday night, Mommy and Daddy went out and Uncle Jeremy watched me. He did great, though he was a little unhappy about having to change my diaper. Twice. And both times I had a nice surprise in there for him!

On Sunday, we headed to Ikea to pick up a dresser for me. I was tired and slept the whole way there...holding my pal Woody, of course. Mom and Dad stayed up after I went to bed, putting the dresser together.

I was also able to convince Mom that I really needed a lawn mower. It reminded her of her childhood...but she said her's (well, her brothers) blew bubbles. I love it. Though I haven't been outside with it, I am great at mowing the carpet!

And what weekend would be complete without a trip to Starbucks?!? I am pretty sure we went way more than once. I love "drinking" Starbucks. And if I can get my hands on a lid, all the better!

 So that's it. Hope your weekend was a good as mine!

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