The Toilet Situation

Today when I was using a public restroom, a thought came to me

I could care less about toilet seat covers.

I don't use them. Gross? I really don't think so. Its not like a toilet seat cover really protects you. It is so thin and anything wet soaks right through anyway. Now, I am not gross. If a toilet seat looks gross, I just hover over it.

I know I discussed this subject a couple years back, but I really don't think toilet seat covers protect you. I think they are a waste of money and a drain on our sewage system. Sure, I used to use them like the rest of Americans. In fact, I even knew the trick of turning them around so they wouldn't fall in the toilet. Then I moved and resided in a country for 3.5 years where toilet seat covers didn't exist. I can't remember if this bothered me or not in the beginning. But it certainly doesn't bother me now. And when we were in France, we came across squatty potties, Cambodia style. If you want to be sanitary, that's the way to go!

I am proud to say, I have not used one single toilet seat cover since being back in the states. And I have sat on the toilet seats. Take that germ-a-phobes!


  1. I'm totally, and completely, with you.

  2. I don't use toilet seat covers either. I don't even really think about it.

    As a side note, I really like the new blog layout!! It looks great!

  3. Love the new layout, and I completely agree with you.

  4. Not sure your dad would like to hear this one!!

  5. I have never, ever used a toilet seat cover. And gosh darn am I proud to say that! :)

    I love the blog update! Cute colors.

  6. Hi, Jessica. I don't know you, but I used to babysit Ian when he was really little, and his parents and mine have been friends forever. I found your blog from Clive's FB page and have been reading. I've heard about you guys forever from my parents, so I thought I should say hi. :) Tell Ian hi for me (he'll know me as Amanda Hensley).


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