The Blueberry Thief

In our household, all of us are a bit fanatic about blueberries. The Costco size pack of blueberries only lasts about two days. No joke. We are that out of control. Or maybe, blueberries are just that good.

We love blueberries so much, we even had our own blueberry plant (who sadly got left in Scotland).

Connor, just like is parents, is crazy about blueberries. And he will do just about anything to get his hands on them.

As you can see, the dog is really into blueberries too. But, I am pretty sure she is in to just about any type of food. Except for french fries. No joke...weird dog. And she enjoys having Connor around because it means she gets to eat a lot of people food. And Connor enjoys feeding her.


I am happy to see that my son has interest in a food that is good for him. He is even into vegetables. Connor, you make your mom and dad proud!


  1. These are cute pictures! I just finished my container of blueberries and I need to go get more!

  2. Makes me want to go buy blueberries right this minute, to add to the sliced strawberries I'm enjoying.

  3. he is so sweet Jessica! there is an awesome blueberry farm out in Manteca where you pick your own in the summertime- the owner is really kind and my kiddos had such a great time because they let you eat as you pick (they don't use pesticides on them). I'm guessing Connor would be in heaven being surrounded by thousands of blueberry bushes- it would be so fun for us to plan a little outing with the kiddos in a few months when they open up!

  4. (1) He is adorable,
    (2) Blueberries ARE AMAZING, the costco tub never survives for more that two days at our place either! And when they are not in zeason I eat the frozen ones.
    (3) I miss you and Ian.


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