Play Time

Our local Barnes & Noble has a train set in the kids section to play with. It has become a place we enjoy to go. Mom & Dad can drink some coffee and hope to have Connor entertained for 90 seconds before he runs off. Now, if there are other kids playing, Connor will stay. He doesn't play too well with others though. He must play with the train the other kid is playing with (even though there are a gazillion others) and he also has to stand right next to the other kids. When you think about it, it really is funny. Once Connor looses interest, he starts to run. Everywhere. And that is the end of peaceful coffee time.

This got me thinking...what is so wrong with Barnes & Noble putting up a fence around the train table? It really is a win-win situation. The parents get extra parent time and the store doesn't get trashed by the running youngsters. Come on Barnes & Noble. You know you want to help a mama out.

**You know you love the high quality cell phone picture!

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  1. Conner reminds me of a boy at our church nursery, who does the same thing with playing with toys. Except, instead of running away, he will growl at the other kids. Again, when you think about it, it's hysterical!


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