Driving with Baby

Back before Connor, when we would drive anywhere, all we had to worry about was my nervous bladder. Seriously though, that could be bad. I have some issues with not being around a bathroom. I used to not drink for hours before I went on a road trip. Ian helped by always being so cool about stopping for me to pee. But if anyone else was with us, I would get all weird and nervous again. Then Connor came along...

At first, car rides with Connor were a breeze. I mean, we drove to Italy and back without a problem! Long driving days, not a problem! The older he got, the less true this became. And now at a year, he definitely starts getting frustrated after an hour. Sure we can drive late at night, which we have chosen to do a few times. Problem is, I just want to sleep and Ian is left all by his lonesome.

If we are going on a daytime road trip, I have taken to stuffing the car with anything and everything for Connor. We have snacks, sippy cups, toys, toys and more toys. There are books, noise-making toys, small toys, large toys...you get the picture. And even then, it the the non-driving parent's responsibility to entertain the little fellow. And when he is done with the car, that is a pretty hard job.

Though I don't see us cutting road trips out of our lives, I do see us not deciding to make 3 trips to LA in a month again. It was just a little much. And I do still see a road trip across America in our future, just with WAY MORE stops than I originally thought.


  1. I love the picture of Connor asleep with his bottle!

  2. WHAT!? Trips to LA?! Call me next time. Booo.


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