Does anyone else out there find it extremely hard to write or talk about themselves? It is like looking at a picture of yourself. You only see what is wrong, and none of the good stuff!

I decided to make a proper "about me" section for my blog. Yes this is a plug, so go check it out. When trying to come up with terribly interesting things about myself, all I kept doing was criticizing myself. Then I kept thinking I was highlighting things about myself that really weren't that important. But, I think I did a decent job explaining who I am to all of you out there. And if you don't think I did, let me know. But, there are a couple things I threw out there about myself that I thought I would expand on.

I am shy when I meet new people. People don't always seem to believe this, but it is true. Because I am a loud person, it is easy to cover up. But, I don't like unnecessary attention. Meeting new people terrifies me. I am always afraid people won't like me. I am also afraid I will say something inappropriate and offend them. Seriously. The likelihood of that happening is rather high. I am sarcastic and don't have a great filter. That sometimes causes problems and leads to the next thing about myself I am going to expand on...

I am sarcastic. My brother didn't talk to me for over a month one time over a sarcastic comment I made to him. This also shows how stubborn we both are. Neither one of us thought we were wrong. We finally started talking again when I called him and asked him if he was "over it yet". I am so tenderhearted!

I am a stickler about running on time. We all have people in our lives who inevitably always run late. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is, what time it is, what is going on...they are always running late. And this bugs me. It is like they are telling me "my time is worth WAY MORE than yours, so I am just going to make you wait a while for me." This is such a deal breaker for me. The husband and I once stopped hanging out with a couple because they were always late (extrememly late) and it bugged us both. No joke. Don't be habitually late if you want to stay in my life!

So there you have it. Way more information about me than you ever wanted to know! And to think I started off by saying its hard to talk about mysef...I certainly got plenty out for it being so hard! 


  1. My hubs and I met in high school and never broke up as well. :)

    I have the same issue with recommending movies!

    But most of all, I'm really, really glad to hear you say you're outgoing, but shy to meet new people. I'm the same way! It bugs me, because it doesn't really seem to fit. I love talking with people, and learning things about them, but I have such a hard time introducing myself, etc. I've actually been purposeful about changing this about myself, so we'll see how it goes!

  2. So what movies do you recommend? ;)

    (i don't get offended easily.)

  3. You forgot to mention your present phobia! :)


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