15 Months

Weight: 23lbs, 4oz

Height: 31.25 inches

Waves and says "hi/bye"
Gives high five
Grabs his head when asked where his head is
Claps when he has done something (so freaking cute)
Can go up and down the stairs
13 teeth, including 3 molars

Connor has done a lot of growing up since his birthday. He is a pretty active kid. He has learned to think outside the box and use smaller things such as stools to climb onto larger things. The kid is dangerous! Speaking of danger, he gets bumps and bruises all the freaking time. Unfortunately he still gets him on his face and then I have to constantly deal with people asking "what happened" while secretly hoping they don't think I beat him or am a bad mother. 

Connor is curious about everything. When we play outside, everything is interesting. It is so fun just to watch him splash in water and get enjoyment out of the simplest of things. His new favorite is "driving" cars. He loves sitting in the drivers seat and playing with the steering wheel and all the button. This usually results in me turning on my car and having the windshield wipers going, the blinker going and the high beams on! I was looking at all the little hand prints all over the windows in my car today and it made my heart happy. I have waited for this time in my life and I am so happy to be here. But, back to Connor. 

I knew before we moved that there are many more immunizations given in the states than in Scotland. What I didn't realize is when I finally took Connor to the doctor (which I did last week...talk about dragging my feet given that we have now been here more than two months) he would be due seven shots. Yep, you read that correctly, seven shots! Poor guy. Good thing he takes shots like a champ. So far he has had three and I need to take him back for four more. As for the reflux, the doctor basically said I have two options (besides just keeping him on the meds forever). 1. put him to sleep and put a scope down his throat or 2. take him off his meds and see what happens. I decided for option two. Connor has been off his meds for a week today. He has done good, like he normally does on his meds. Just throws up a bit in his mouth here and there, but swallows it. That is, until today. Today he has spit up three times already. It breaks my heart, as I don't want him to have to deal with this, but it is a fact of life. And just out of curiosity, are there any other moms out there that have had to deal with this? If so, what ended up happening?

And to end on a high note, some adorable pictures of Connor to melt your heart. The weather has been so nice lately, we have got to spend a lot of time outside in the sun. 


  1. he is getting so big! the cuteness and fun times will just keep coming - 15 mos is just the brink of goodtimes and lots of belly laughs :)

    As for his reflux - if he is still having issues without the meds, get the scope done. We are walking through all of that with Alaster at 4 mos but are keeping him on meds a little longer, but I don't want a lifetime of meds. He goes to occupational thepary to strengthen his throat muscles (his spit-up is through his nose, long explanation).

    wisdom to you as make the best decision for your little man!

    love you!


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