Dodged a Bullet

Yesterday Ian and I went and looked at this adorable house (pictured above). Before we even went to look at it, we were rather convinced we wanted it. We thought we wanted it partially because of its price (they were practically giving it away) and partially because of its charm.

But then, the pressure cooker started. We looked at the house at 2:30pm and had to put in an offer by 4pm if we wanted it. You see, there were already a few offers on the house and they were sitting down at 5pm to choose an offer. Did I mention the house had only been on the market for a day? Remember though, they were practically giving it away and it had charm.

With the pressure cooker going, Ian saw all the positives to the house and I saw all the negatives. Maybe that is why we work so well together. I didn't really have any negatives for living in the house today, but it wasn't a house that could grow with us. Sure, it was a good investment. But I don't really want to be back to square one (looking for a house again) in a year or two.

In the end, we decided making a huge decision, like buying a house, shouldn't be decided in an hour, so we turned it down and let it go to someone who is fine with making huge decisions like that quickly. And you know what, a day later I am still totally happy with our decision. I know God has the right house out there for us and we will know it when we see it. And neither one of us will have any hesitations.

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