The Not So Wordless, Wordless Wednesday

Because my guys are so stinking adorable...

And a story about the husband's adorableness...

On Friday night, Ian and I met my brother and his friends at a bar to watch some bluegrass music...yes, the two of us stuck out like sore thumbs. At one point a girl comes up and whispers into my ear:

Girl: Is that your husband? (pointing at Ian)
Me: Yes
Girl: He's very cute. He's handsome. 
Me: Uhhhh....thanks

A second later...

Me: Ian, you see that girl over there? (pointing at said girl)
Ian: Yeah
Me: Stay away from her!

About 30 minutes later...Girl walks back up to me.

Girl: What's your last name?
Me: Grimbleby
Girl: What?
Me: Grimbleby
Girl: No way! I love that last name. I want that to be my last name.
Me: Uhhh...

**On a side note, I don't get why I still refer to women my age as girls. It just sounds weird to call them/us women though.

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