Two Firsts

Two firsts..that sounds like an oxymoron, but it isn't. Today was a big day for Connor.

First, he enjoyed his first In-N-Out food (not experience, but this was the first time I actually let him consume anything). We got him a plain grilled cheese. He didn't want to grab it at first. Then, Ian and I each took a bite of it and he instantly wanted it. Go figure! And he was very serious about his grilled cheese. We couldn't take it away from him for any reason. He finished the whole thing by himself!

Connor's second first (so confusing, I know) happened after lunch when we headed to the park. An ice cream truck came pulling up and we knew it was time to introduce Connor to the wonder of the ice cream truck. I tried pointing out the pictures of the various popsicles on the side of the truck to him, but he was more interested in touching one of the windows. So, I chose a popsicle for him and we headed off to the park.

Turns out, Connor wasn't so into the popsicle I picked out for him...he took about three licks. But, he was certainly into Ian's It's-It! He wouldn't leave his daddy alone and was climbing all over him for a bite. He got a couple.

So, all in all, it was a very exciting day for Connor. One I am sure he will remember forever!

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  1. Congratulations Connor on your two new firsts! You are too cute for words young man :)


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