Connor Drama

The least his ears aren't blocked by hair anymore

Connor got his hair cut today...for the fourth time. But, something was different today.

The way he reacted, you would think he was physically able to feel


The kid was drama. Every time the comb touch his head, he would start to scream. Serious screams, in the middle of a fancy salon. Talk about embarrassing. Then we would calm him down and give him a distraction. And every time, I somehow thought the distraction would work. But it never did. In the end, I had to pin him down hold him like a baby (tightly, so he couldn't move) so his hair could finish being cut. The hairdresser (who is an old friend) said she was sure it was the worst hair cut she has ever given. But, I would say, under the circumstances, she did great. Connor on the other hand...that boy is drama!

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