Valentines Day

I wish I could take credit for these adorable heart shaped brownies, but I can't. My mother-in-law made them for us. I wish I was that creative...I know, these aren't something hard to do. But, I don't even think like that. Making adorable and delicious heart shaped brownies for valentines day would never even cross my mind. Of course, now that the thought is there, maybe I will remember for next year. I didn't make the adorable heart brownies, but they were still delish.

Ian and I celebrate valentines day in such a small way, I may as well not even call it celebrating. Oh well. We like it like wasteful spending on chocolates that aren't that good and we shouldn't be eating or buying overpriced flowers that are going to die in a few days. We know we love each other and that is really all that matters.

For Connor's second valentines day, he got to partake in his first brownie. Well, half of a brownie. He was quick to grab it from me.

But then, was really curious about what I gave him. He didn't stick it in his mouth until it was fully inspected.

Here he is checking out that white stuff on top...the powdered sugar. 

But in the end, he really liked the brownie. 

After he was done, Connor just kept pointing at the brownie plate. And me, being the mom that I am, kept telling him I was sorry, but that is all he gets.

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