Will Power

It appears Connor has developed a will overnight. And if my plans clash with his, things don't go so well.

About a week ago was the first major throw down. We were shopping. Connor was done with his stroller. After much screaming, I let him out. Then he wanted to run places he could not go. I stopped him. He got angry. So, I set him back down on the floor. He sat down, then proceeded to throw his head back...back into the cement floor. Which obviously caused even more tears. So, I scooped him up (more held him in a football hold under my arm) and pushed his stroller out of the store...feeling like every single person in the store was staring at me. And low and behold, as soon as we got to the car, he was fine. Smiling and laughing as if nothing ever happened. I was still humiliated.

Ever since then, the clashes seem to be non-stop. When other people are with us and able to play with him, it is less likely to happen. But, when we are home alone, they seem to be happening more and more frequently.

Now don't get me wrong, I want my son to develop independence. I want him to have a mind of his own. However, I also want him to not freak out at me whenever I say no. Hey, at least I know he knows what "no" means! I can tell this battle of the wills (his vs. mine) is going to be quite the challenging time in parenthood. But I know, we will make it to the other end with smiles on our faces.

Plus, it is pretty hard to stay mad at this for long...

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  1. Long ago I decided that God made kids cute so we could not be mad at them very long


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