Irresponsible, Knocked Up Single Mom

Do I look like that?

I haven't been wearing my wedding ring lately. Ever since reading about a fellow blogger getting her wedding ring cut off, I have been afraid. Which is funny given that I wore my wedding ring the whole time I was pregnant with Connor. But the heat scares me. On cool days I do wear it though.

Because of the lack of wedding ring (even though I have a tan line wedding ring permanently on), I always feel like people look at me and think I am an irresponsible, knocked up, single mom. I guess it shows my own insecurities.

Connor likes playing with the train set at Barnes and Noble. I usually take him during the day and the only people I see there then are moms with their kids. Well, apparently on Friday evenings the place is crawling with dads and their kids. And to be honest, I was afraid to talk to these said dads. One was wearing a shirt from my alma mater, Cal Poly, but I was afraid to ask him about it for fear that he would think this psycho knocked up single mom was hitting on him. See? Insecure. I ended up taking Connor and leaving when he would not leave one of these said fathers and father's baby alone. I was having to have to much interaction with said father and felt naked without my wedding ring; that and the fact that Connor was actually crawling in the baby's car seat. AND I was afraid Connor was going to hurt said baby.

  Now I ask, does any other married person out there feel awkward when not wearing a wedding ring? And how about when you are pregnant? Even more so?


  1. I'm worried that people are going to think I'm a knocked up TEENAGER when I'm pregnant. I already get so many comments on how young I look... hopefully I can wear my wedding ring for almost all my (future) pregnancies!

  2. Charlotte, when I was pregnant with Connor, a STRANGER told me I was too young to be pregnant. Um...

    1. I'm 28 (at the time)
    2. I've been married for 6 years

    I have also been asked about being Connor's nanny...nope he's all mine! Ever since I have been pregnant with #2 though, people don't ask those types of things anymore.

  3. I feel kind of like a chick chiming in on this conversation, but I have thought about this very thing quite often as of late. Not that I feel like a knocked up single women, but going out in public without my ring.

    Whenever I give the boys a bath, get them dressed, fix their hair, put lotion on them or anything having to do with cleaning and grooming, my ring always hurts them in some way or another. It knocks them on their head, gets caught in their hair or pinches their skin. So I’ve grown accustomed to taking it off whenever I’m performing any of the aforementioned tasks. The problem is that I forget to put it back on, so I’ll go for days without wearing my ring.

    Now…take me in a grocery store with no ring, add my two cute sons and you’ve got yourself a ticket for trouble. Women will come up and start talking to the boys and asking all kinds of questions and talk about how great it is that a Dad is out shopping with his kids, having so much fun (because I’m a total dork with my boys in the store and we laugh our bum’s off; we pretty much put on a show for everyone) Then I realize I’m not wearing a ring and it gets real awkward as I somehow figure out a way to talk about my Smokin’ Hot Wife I have waiting for me and that we need to get moving.

    Sometime’s it’s difficult to be so darn sexy.

  4. I also worried about my wedding ring getting too tight, so I bought a decent-looking sterling silver band at Target in the next size up. It still looked "wedding-ring-ish" and was comfortable for those days when I just couldn't stand to wear my too-tight real ring. Maybe this will help for the next time around! ;-)


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