You seem to have permanently resided over the central valley this year. And I will admit, I am more than ready for you to be gone. This pregnant body can't take much more of your heat. But, I know my little boy enjoys all the outdoor time he gets with you around, so I will let him suck up the sun a little bit more and enjoy a few more cold sugary treats all in the name of you...summer.

And honestly, who can resist this adorable little ottor-pop eating creature? It makes me smile because he still needs me to push it up after every bite. And when he drops some on the ground, he still tries to pick it up before it melts away. And when he finishes it, he comes back to the empty wrapper about 100 times looking for more.

Me and the babe watching Connor enjoy the heat and our fancy backyard pool.

When I pulled into 7-11 the other day, Connor started going "OOOOOHHH". Seriously? We have picked up maybe 4 slushees this summer and the kid recognizes 7-11?!? He must really know what he wants. I bought the jumbo size for us to share. You would think after sharing 3 other slushees I would have learned. Connor doesn't share slushees. He thinks the whole ginormous slushee is his and only his. And God-forbid I ever take a sip. Thankfully, he can never finish the whole thing, so I do always eventually get some.

But enough of this summer crap. I am so ready for fall!

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  1. He is getting so big! I love the pics of him with the slushee - he does look a bit possessive over it. :) And it is amazing what they remember. I've taken Landon to a local frozen yogurt shop twice in the past year and when we drove past it the other day he started screaming "ice cream!!!" from the backseat. It's kind of scary to see what they might remember!


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