My Pregnant Life

The other day I made a decision. A decision to fully embrace nap time. It started out slowly. Some days me needing them, other days me not. Then they progressed into an almost daily occurrence. I always set an alarm so I could have time to get stuff done around the house while Connor sleeps. But I have turned a corner in this pregnancy. Walking to the curb makes me tired (slight exaggeration, but only slight). Because of this, I have decided that without reservation or guilt, I am going to embrace nap time. I am going to sleep the entire time Connor does and enjoy myself...dang it. Let's be honest, I have been looking for reasons to slack on the housework anyway!

Speaking of housework, I have decided it is much more difficult to be pregnant as a stay at home mom than as a working mom. When I was pregnant with Connor, I was working at Starbucks full time. When I announced I was pregnant, my work life changed. No longer did I have to clean the bathrooms, or move anything that could be considered heavy. The farther along I got, they let me have a stool by me to sit on if necessary and offered me more breaks. Plus, I could take a nap at home whenever I freaking wanted to. They practically catered to my every need.

Lets just say, Connor has not been quite as accommodating. He still expects me to carry him...which at times can be difficult. He still goes 100 miles an hour without stopping. He still finds it funny to run away from me in public and make me chase him...whenever this happens, I fear that people look at me and think I am pathetic; think I can't handle the kid I've got, so why would I have another one. Oh I can handle him. He just thinks its hysterical to run and have me chase him. He even looks back at me and laughs. Then there's all the diaper changes, me still having to do the laundry, the dishes and clean the bathroom. Now don't get me wrong, Ian is a super big help when he is home. He practically takes over Connor duty on the weekends. But I had my "weekends" at Starbucks too. I'm just saying, its work being this far along in the human growing process and chasing a 21 month old around.

I don't even want to think what it will be like when there are two to chase around with a pregnant belly...maybe I will stop at two, but I doubt it.

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  1. AHahaha! I LOVED the sneaky little Connor running and laughing. I'm sorry you have to chase him but that's kinda ridiculously adorable!

    I used to work at the 'Starbucks' within Barnes and Nobles!


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