Fall Fashion Week {Day 5}

The next few days are going to get kind of bring around here in my "fashion" world...as if it is ever super exciting. The days are busy and full of tasks, so practical clothing is a must. After all, when headed to the park with a 21 month old, I ALWAYS have to be prepared to climb to the top of the jungle gym before he jumps! And try doing that while 9 months pregnant...not the prettiest of pictures.

Tank: Michael Stars Maternity
Gauchos: Old Navy Maternity
Shoes: Reef

The husband was nice enough to get this tank for me at the beginning of my pregnancy. He picked it out all by himself. I am glad I have it. It is comfortable and cute. And tank tops have become my best friend in this NOT-fallish-at-all weather.


  1. What a thoughtful husband, so cute! And you look great girl!!

  2. I love wearing stripes and that tank looks great.

  3. Cute tank top! And you're right, it doesn't feel much like fall here, either, so tank tops have been very helpful.

    However, I have a buddha belly even though I'm not pregnant, so when I wear a tank top, I also wear a short-sleeved cardi!

    "She's Dressed in Yellow..."

  4. You are so adorable!!! Any day now!!! So exciting!

  5. looking good my friend! whether practical or "thought out" you look amazing pregnant ;)

    almost time!

  6. There are those that have to dress up to look cute and then there's you.
    Don't ever apologize for 'boring' outfits. You don't do boring.


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