Fall Fashion Week {Day 4}

Dresses really are a pregnant gal's best friend. The are cool, comfortable and there never seems to be a problem with them fitting! This dress I almost passed up on the rack. It was on clearance for $6, but didn't look like something I would wear at all. In fact, I think it looks like something one would wear to work. Anyway, with a $6 price tag, I couldn't pass it up. I cut the stupid bow off the belly (I am SO NOT a fan of "belly bows" on maternity clothes). And this dress has become a staple this pregnancy. I wear it every single stinking week. It is so freaking comfortable that I don't really care that it isn't my style. And now, without further ado, my $6 dress:

Necklace: Made by me - circa 2002
Tank: Michael Stars
Dress: Liz Lange for Target Maternity
Shoes: H&M


  1. i love it, and it looks so comfy! Great pairing with the metallic sandals!

  2. That dress is a great find. I love the sandals, too.

  3. your sandals are so shiny!...i would find that very distracting -- "oooh, look!" =)

  4. Cute sandals!! This dress looks like every preggos dream! It looks lovely on you!

  5. Ok, I just have to ask - is there anyone who LIKES bows on their maternity clothes? Like, does anyone WANT to bring more attention to their bulging belly?

    By the way, fashion week reminds me of when we met, and it just brings a smile to my face. :D I love seeing your growing family and being a part of your life!

  6. Yup! I know the 'not-my-style-but-so-cheap-and/or-comfortable' dealio...
    But it's cuuuute.
    And you're cuuuute.
    So maybe it's kinda your style.
    I am LOVING that necklace (I have a similar one, but not as awesome) and those beautiful shoes! Jealous...


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