Fall Fashion Week {Day 6}

The past day and a half have been crazy.

It started off yesterday morning with my doctor's appointment. I almost asked them to NOT check me for progress because I didn't want to be discouraged. Well, I let them check. And sure enough, nothing is going on. NOTHING. Nada. No dilation. No effacement. No nothing. AND to make matters a little worse, they even made me a 41 week appointment. Sniff. I am a big girl. I can handle it. I really have expected to go over with this baby. After all, Connor was 10 days late. And I am not at all for induction and really just want this baby to come on its own when it is ready. I was just kind of hoping that would be sooner rather than later. But then again, I wasn't dilated at all with Connor and my water broke a measly 18 hours later, at home, on its own. So there is hope.

The thing is though, I actually put effort into my outfit yesterday. I even wore jewelry. And there is no photographic evidence of this outfit. It is as if it didn't even exist. Oh well.

Then this morning the newspaper induced hysteria in me about the listeria outbreak from cantaloupe. And of course I recently consumed a whole cantaloupe. So, I called the advice nurse. Was on hold for 30 minutes, when I was told the wait time was 1 minute. And when I finally got to talk to a nurse, she was rude and brushed me off because I wasn't yet sick. Uh, thanks for all the great advice!

Oh, and all this hysteria was going down while I was trying to rush out of the house this morning for a meeting.

Now its 2pm and I find myself totally and utterly exhausted. So, I am going to take a nap. But not before I share an outfit with you. Sure, it wasn't from this week, but from a couple weeks ago when Ian and I went to San Francisco for his birthday. But on a positive note, it is the most fall-like outfit I have been able to wear in months. After all, we are still dealing with temps in the 90's...stupid forecasters lied when they said it was supposed to be in the 80's this week! Where was I? Oh yeah, my outfit...

Shirt: Forever 21 Maternity
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity
Shoes: Rainbows

Sorry for the rant. I guess its those pregnancy hormones bubbling to the surface. But if someone actually said that to me, I might just slap them! See, more hormones.


  1. I love the details of that shirt. You look great. So sorry to hear about your awful day. I hope you are feeling better!

  2. Oh you are so funny. I'm sorry things have been stressful lately. But I'm glad things haven't been complicated by cantaloupe! le horror!

    You have the cutest maternity tops.

  3. I had no idea forever 21 had a maternity section!! That is genius!! Next time I'm preggo I am hitting the stores!

    Sorry to hear there is nothing going on down there with the baby. I'll be praying for you and safe delivery!

  4. Oh, my dear... I hate that you're having such distresses but I absolutely love the humor and clarity with which you're able to convey your travails.
    Almost as much as I love how absolutely precious you are in your little cuffed jeans and white shirt. I bet you looked stunning yesterday in your outfit yesterday too.
    And yes, I've consumed 1/2 a cantaloupe nearly every day for 2 weeks. I'm a bit nervous myself.

  5. i NEVER eat cantaloupe and I had a bunch just last weekend, and so did Landon. I am freaking out a bit myself! Sorry there is no baby progress. Is there a full moon anytime soon? That always helps push a bunch of babies out (seriously, my friend is a delivery nurse and she swears there are more births during a full moon than any other time of the month.)

    Oh, and as usual, you look adorable!


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