Fall Fashion Week {Day 3}

I am thinking fashion week is a MUST for all pregnant gals. All the complements go straight to my head and totally help out. I look in the mirror at times and feel like a cow. Especially with all the stares in public and the ridiculous "You look like you are going to pop" comments. So thanks ladies for helping this pregnant gal out and sending complements my way. I FREAKING LOVE THEM!

As promised, here is a more put together look:

And a closeup of the necklace:

Necklace: From the hubby*
Tank: Forever 21 Maternity
Dress: Topshop Maternity
Leggings: Hollister
Shoes: Toms

I have to say, I don't get why so many maternity tops are so low cut. We already have it going on up upstairs and could be sporting cleavage in a turtleneck, so low cut shirts are not needed! Oh well. Thank God (or Forever 21) for layering tank tops. 

*When looking for a necklace to wear this morning, I came across this one. My husband gave it to me the first Christmas we were dating...12 years ago! I used to never take it off. I wore it every single day. It has lots of sentimental value and good memories. It made me smile when I put it on this morning.


  1. I know that dressing cute during pregnancy can be tricky, but you look adorable!

  2. ack! those leggings are AMAZING!! And yes- you look so beautiful... there is nothing more gorgeous than a pregnant mama!

  3. You are so cute! I totally love those leggings. And I'm going to guess that there is another boy in that belly :) It's such a perfect, adorable round basketball.

  4. I love those leggings! What a beautiful momma!

  5. Those leggings are awesome! You look so pretty and glowing!

    I'm with you on the low cut maternity tops...I teach high school and the girls are pretty out of control. I'm running out of tanks to wear underneath my shirts!

  6. Oh my goodness!! Those leggings are awesome! You are such a cute preggo! I love it!

  7. That necklace is adorable and I love the leggings! Also, people who make the "you look like you're about to pop" comments should be banned or punished. Rude!

  8. So sick of those comments and looks of shear terror when I go out in public as well. ha! I never understood the low cut thing either. I think it's so we'll buy more items like layering shirts. I've bought very very few maternity items because I think it's a waste of money but boy is it hard finding things that fit me from my closet!
    Anywho, Love this look. Such a cute dress and leggings! Rock on momma!

  9. Oh your tights are so much fun! And what a sweet necklace.

  10. oh...sweet dress, cute necklace, and fun tights!

  11. Your leggings are so cute! And I love them paired with Toms!

    And I think I've commented before in past Fashion Weeks, but my favorite accessory of yours is your hair. It's great :)

  12. "could be sporting cleavage in a turtleneck" - bwa haha!

    LOVE this put together look! Those leggings are fantastic, and the white top looks so crisp and clean.


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