Fall Fashion Week {Day 1}

So excited for fall fashion week! Once again, the ├╝ber adorable Emery Jo over at Moms are for Everyone is hosting a fashion week. These fashion weeks have lead me to some great bloggers. Because of this, I am excited to see what this one has in store for me and who I will meet (or reconnect with) this time. Feel free to join in the fun...come on, you know you want to!

This time last year, I probably wrote some sob story about how it is cold year round in Scotland, so I don't have much fashion (you can read those words here or here). You know, because I had to bundle up. Fast forward a year and I now live in California's Central Valley. And apparently the Central Valley wasn't given the memo that fall is starting. Our temperatures have been hovering in the high 90's. Rumor has it that it is supposed to be in the 80's this coming week, but I will believe that welcome relief when I feel it.

And in case this is the first time you are viewing my world blog, I am 2 weeks away from my due date. Totally ready to pop! So enjoy the maternity fashion fun!

Shirt: Forever 21 Maternity
Shorts: Hand-me-downs
Shoes: Rainbows

And Connor is joining in on the fun...

Shirt: GAP Kids
Shorts: GAP Kids
Shoes: Target*

*And that's the last time I will ever buy this kid cheap sandals again. They make his feet smell so freaking bad!


  1. Those temperatures sound awful. Ugh. I really like your shirt!

  2. I know how that California heat feels like and I miss it!! Hope it gets cooler for you!

    And rainbow sandals are the comfiest sandals in the world!

  3. cutest pregnant mama evahh!!! So exciting that you're so close to your due date- you look amazing!

  4. YAY a fellow pregnant fall fashion-er. :D So exciting that you are almost due!

  5. HOLY CRAP you look incredible. Me and my only ten week huge self will go sob into my pregnant looking chins in the corner. You are rocking that belly, mama!

  6. I know what you mean! On the first day of Fall here in So Cal, it drizzled for roughly 30 sec. At first I was annoyed cuz I didn't have an umbrella but when it was so quickly over, I was yelling, 'Is that all you got?!" Not out loud of course...
    Anyways, I can't WAIT to see all your outfits this week. You're already off to an adorable start!

  7. Cute top! I like the stitching on the side. And Conner is turning into such a little -man-!

  8. ah! your boy is adorable, and so are YOU with you're i'm-going-to-pop face and lovely baby belly! =)


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