We went to the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley yesterday to escape the heat of the valley. Ian and I were blown away with the view. And had my dad been there, he certainly wouldn't have allowed me to be on a tiny (like 5 feet by 5 feet) piece of concrete with both my kids when there was a drop off on three sides. But hey, I wanted a picture ;)

Connor and Isla have gotten to that point in their relationship that Isla wants to do everything Connor does and copies him. In the first picture they are both playing peek-a-poo. Though this is one of her favorite games, rarely does she actually manage to cover her eyes.

^^ That's the bay bridge in the background. Amazing right?! You can't see it in the pictures, but you could see the Golden Gate bridge as well.

This (past) week:

  • I did a zumba class for the first time. Never in my whole life have I felt so uncoordinated...and rather humiliated. But I am going to try again, so we'll see if I improve. 
  • Weeds are overtaking my backyard, but with temps in the triple digits all week, it is unlikely they will get taken care of this week. 
  • When Connor wants to do something without Isla, he tells me to put her down for a nap. 
  • Isla grabs her diaper and says "poo-poo" when she poops. The problem is she also does it when she doesn't poop, so you never really know! 
  • Isla now knows what otter pops are. She stands at the freezer and cries "ot-pop, ot-pop". 
  • Isla seems to enjoy climbing on the dining room table numerous times a day lately. It's her new party trick. 
  • While in Berkeley, we waited in line over a half an hour for ice cream from Cream. Good thing it wasn't super hot out!

And I am officially half way through my photo challenge! Woo, hoo! Now if only I could come up with some creative photos...

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